I was sad to hear of the passing of GAA coach John Morrison last week. I knew the great work he has done with counties over many years, but the tributes which came pouring in were all about how brilliant he was as a coach and more so as a people person.

To cool down or not to cool down?

It’s the end of the session and someone says the words ‘right, time for the cool down’. At this stage a lot of us switch off, myself included. It’s even worse when you are training on your own and you know that you should do a cool down, or should you?

Don’t just be motivated – have desire.

This week I signed up for a for the Connemara Ultra- Marathon. Not something I sign up for every week especially when the furthest I have run is a 10k race! This is something I wanted to do, not just run an ultra-marathon, but to skip a half marathon and full marathon in the process.

Conquer your own mountain

Last week during the Christmas break I decided to climb Mount Errigal. It was a solo effort as my usual companions were unable to make it. This gave me some much needed time to myself and also made me think, why do we actually climb mountains?

Take a chance in 2019

Happy New Year everyone and I hope you all had a great Christmas. I would like to thank everyone who has supported and help run our programmes throughout 2018 and look forward to 2019.

Five ways to sustain a healthy lifestyle

In a complex world with fad diets and quick fix workouts it’s time we stripped things back and looked after the basics. If people ask me what I do, to stay fit and healthy, I would normally respond with these five points; sleep often, eat well, meditate, train smart and most importantly enjoy all of it.

Looking after your spine

How many of us sit for long periods of time, stand slouched over or have our heads stuck in our phones most of the day. I’m pretty sure we all do at least one of these things. Have you ever thought what this does to your body especially your spine?

Drugs are not the solution for kids

Imagine sitting in a room for six hours being told what to do, asking permission to use the toilet and only getting a total of 45 minutes for your breaks. Then when the six hours are done and you head home you must complete at least another hour of sitting and concentrating on work handed to you.

Failure cannot cope with persistence

I was reading a book the other day and this line hit me like a steam train ‘failure cannot cope with persistence’. It doesn’t matter if it’s your health and fitness or life goals, lock this saying into your memory and whenever you have a setback bring it to the front of your mind.

Crawling isn’t just for babies

If you’re a child, professional athlete or somewhere in between, I would highly advise you to add some form of crawling into your training program. Thankfully crawling has grown in popularity thanks to people advocating primal movement and starting to get back to where we were at our most mobile as babies.