The question is the answer -The problem is the solution

Last week I was at a Sport NI course and one of the presenters, Dr Edward Coughlan put up a slide that simply stated; ‘The question is the answer. The problem is the solution’. Then boom it hit me, that’s what coaching is all about. Asking the right questions rather than giving your answer and giving people problems rather than solutions.

Let your body adapt

Your body is a very complex but wonderful thing. It has the ability to adapt and evolve to the stresses you place on it. But sometimes we don’t give the body enough time to adapt or we don’t push it enough to evolve.

Just Make Your Bed

On May 17, 2014, Admiral William H McRaven – a retired Navy Seal – gave a commencement speech to a graduating class. His speech had ten points he learned through the Seals that can be used in everyday life. The first one was ‘make your bed’. This may seem like a very trivial and mundane task but it was the meaning and habit behind this simple task that made it so brilliant. In his book called ‘Make Your Bed’ (funny enough) the admiral described his morning wake up and roll call at the Seals. Each morning upon waking the seals had to wake up and begin making their bed. The sheets had to be crisp and the pillow wrinkle free.