Happy New Year everyone and I hope you all had a great Christmas. I would like to thank everyone who has supported and help run our programmes throughout 2018 and look forward to 2019.

Over the past seven years, I’ve written about how to make New Year’s resolutions and even why you shouldn’t. I think we all know the routine by now. You are going to promise yourself you will do this or that and after a few weeks or months, you are back at your old habits. So this year instead I want you to do one thing, take a chance on you.

Over the years I have developed as a coach so I can see more clearly the direct relationship between your life, your health and fitness goals. So this year I want you to take a chance on whatever you want to achieve, knowing that it may fail but you will still learn from it.

Taking a chance is going to be harder than making a New Year’s resolution. When you make your resolution do you really change anything? When you take a chance you are willing to lose something but plan to gain so much more. If there is something you really want to do in 2019 then go for it. You will always find an excuse why you shouldn’t but I want you to look at your reasons why you should. It is something that has been burning up inside you to do.

It could be quitting your job and starting your own business; signing up for your first marathon or buying that dream car you always wanted. I want you to turn these dreams into a reality and believe that you can do it. Now the thing is, every chance comes at a cost. That cost could be financial or may mean spending time away from family and friends but if it’s something you truly want, then you will have to make sacrifices.

In 2017 I decided to take a chance and leave my full-time job. One of the main reasons was I knew I could do so much more to help others and myself. The other reason is that I wanted to travel, especially with my son. I wanted him to see different parts of the world and experience different cultures.

By running my own business, I have the freedom to pick and choose when I can travel and I am also blessed to have some great people working with me to keep the business going when I’m away. Even though I’m thankful that I took the chance, it still came at a cost. I work extra hours and some months I’m unsure where the money is coming in from to pay the bills. But I still manage to keep to my goals, keep believing and continue to take more chances in my business and life.

So what if you fail? Whenever you take a chance on something – unless it’s life and death – you will always be able to pick yourself up. It may take more time to recover from some risks than others but it’s what you learn along the way that makes you come back stronger and wiser. Without taking a chance you will never know how far you can go.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”58px”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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